Thursday, Sep 27, 2012


Renovating for Energy Savings -
Toolbox Q&A
Everyday essentials for the toolbox
Get the job done with green power
Dealing yourself a deck
Do I need a permit for that?
Safety first
Drills: lighter, stronger, smaller
Eeny meeny miny toe
Light here, light now
Breaking news: an indestructible smartphone
Rock on
Tips for dealing with a renovations contractor
6 ways to save on DIY projects
Pail by comparison
Toxic soup
Bevvie metal
Paint relief
Hard time
Hiring a contractor
The hole story
Fit or fib?
I kit you not!
Grime stoppers
Wham, scam, thank you, Ma’am
House, house baby
Breathe, breathe in the air
Job well hung
Know before you reno
What a card!
Where there’s a wool, there’s a way
Putty in your hands
They shoot houses, don’t they?
Froth with difficulty
Like oil and water
Socket to me
Canada: renovation nation
Smooth or consequences
Top 6 home renovation scams
Home winterizing tips that work
Hammer time
Screw it all
So you’re thinking of renovating…
Tool school
6 things you think add value to your home - but really don't
After the flood
5 expensive (and unexpected) things that can happen to your home
Make your home a comfort zone
Top 5 home renos for your money
Top 5 renos for ROI
From the inside, looking out
Open your door to colour
10 home repairs that will save you money
4 days, 4 projects, $400
Century-old farmhouse goes green
Suck it up
7 ways to save on home remodelling
Don’t be a tool
Flushing out water savings
Please fence me in
Reno like a pro
7 spring fixes to boost your home's value
Fixer-upper house: Is it worth it?
Spring maintenance checklist
Past imperfect
Set your comfort level
Extra space, extra income
What's that smell?
The renovation contract
The freeze is on
Credit is due
The basement: not just for storage anymore
Stay warm and dry
From trashy to trendy
Cheap Home Renovations That Pay Off
Travertine is a versatile option around the home
Time for a generator
Safely turn a yard into a play area
How to keep your built-in BBQ clean
Norfolk to offer rebates on water-saver toilets
EcoENERGY grant program increases amounts by 25%
Which upgrades will pay back best when house sells?
Heating and ventilation improves comfort and air quality
Take advantage of reno tax breaks
Don't pay contractor under table
Is your basement reno-ready?
Good renovation pays off in better space, home value
Renovating by the numbers
How to choose a renovator
Numbers reflect Canada's reno fever
Shopping for appliances
Everything plus the kitchen sink
Sprucing up your home for resale
Wall framing know-how
Inexpensive cork look-alike floors
The 411 on wood floors
Zest-up your nest
Insulation information
How to hire a plumber
Permits first
Finish your deck
An easier way to timber frame
Repairing aluminum-framed screens
School of hard wood
Vapour Barrier Basics
Keeping Wall Cavities Dry
Get it in writing
Bearing a load
Wall framing know-how
Wooden decks
Privacy matters in the backyard
Simple steps to reduce waste
Level, Square and Plumb
Plan better, not bigger
Defogging windows
Vapour barriers
Uncompromising character
The age of aquariums
Kids' bathroom solutions
How to install a woodstove and chimney
Low-flow fixtures now norm
Furnaces need tender care
Think outside the indoor box
Sinks and accessories evolve
Hard to knock wood's allure
Time for new paint of view
How to build a sports court
Potty trouble
Hardwood beauty begins with sub-floor
Don't rip walls out yet!
Trends in basement refinishing
Shingle-girl woes
Paint or new siding?
Pros and cons of siding

What do you think is a reasonable price for a kitchen renovation?
$10, 000
$25, 000
$50, 000
$100, 000