Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

How to hire a plumber
Experts urge three written estimates
By TIM GARDNER, The Winnipeg Sun

Everybody at some point has to hire a plumber.

So a Winnipeg plumber has come up with a formula for people who want to hire a plumber to tackle their big home renovation job.

"Get three estimates, preferably written," says Jim Nesbitt, owner of Town & Country Plumbing, about the proposed renovation project.

"And make sure a contractor is bonded and that he he has liability insurance and compensation for his men.

"These are questions that very few homeowners ever ask, and then they wonder why they get burnt in the end," Nesbitt says. "Legitimate companies all have to have these things. But of course with these things comes a price."

Robert Boulet, owner of Winnipeg's Priority Plumbing & Heating, says indeed price is not always the most important thing when consumers are looking for a good plumber to install a new bathroom or new kitchen sink in their home.

"Don't necessarily go for the cheapest price," Boulet says about estimates.

"Just make sure you hire a referral from someone you know, or hire someone you know is good and who stands by his work. You don't want to get some job done and then find out later on, when you've got warranty problems, that your guy is not coming back."

Collin De Ruyck, plumbing estimator for Winnipeg's Wheatland Plumbing and Heating Ltd., says the good news is that there is some preventative maintenance homeowners can practise themselves that can prevent some major plumbing renovations from becoming necessary.

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