Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

Shingle-girl woes
By SALLY JOHNSTON -- The Edmonton Sun

Home renovations are never as straightforward as you expect. All we wanted were new shingles on our house and garage.

What we got was an instant education in construction. Thanks to Larry, Barry, Gary and a host of other really helpful roofer guys whose names I've changed to protect the innocent, we now know that the reason we get ice dams on our roof in severe winters is because the stupid wretch that built our house 40 years ago didn't put any air vents up there.

We've also discovered that while modern homes have nice pink fluffy insulation stuff in their attics to keep the heat in the rooms below, we appear to have only a layer of mouse droppings. This, coupled with the aforementioned lack of air vents, means hot air goes up and turns into water which comes down through the ceiling.

We also have a brand new vocabulary.

Words like ridge cap vents trip easily off our tongue. We know the difference between fascia and flashing. And we've learned that the soffits are not the female version of the Canadian band the Moffatts but the underside of the roof that juts out from the side of the house.

Thanks to Larry, Barry and Gary etc. we have been stripped of our homeowning innocence. We'd assumed that all that they had to do was to rip off the old curly shingles and stick on new ones. Silly us.

It's waaaaay more complicated than that. We have diagrams to prove it. Lots of them, drawn by Larry, Barry and Gary etc. on their clipboards.

Shingle-girl woes
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