Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

Pros and cons of siding
By TIM GARDNER -- The Winnipeg Sun

A Winnipeg building supply salesman says there are concrete reasons why cement board may be the home siding material of the future.

Brad Orr, a salesman with Star Building Materials, says although cement board isn't new, the home siding is fire-resistant, long-lasting and not that much more expensive than many other home sidings. He also says it's a siding option more people should consider.

"If you're looking for a high-end siding that's long-lasting, yes," Orr says. "But it's not like vinyl. Vinyl would be your low-cost stuff. This is a mid- to high-end product. But as fordurability, you could whack golf balls at it and it would be OK."

Another advantage of cement board is that it simulates the look of wood siding and can be painted, Orr says.

But despite the emergence of cement board, staff at most Winnipeg home renovation companies currently feel vinyl siding is the best type of home siding on the market. It's reasonably priced, extremely durable, largely maintenance-free and now comes in a variety of different colours.

As well, Mark Bachus, the general manager of Nisby Home Renovations, says new vinyl siding has a uniform colour all the way through the product, which differentiates it from aluminum siding. Because aluminum siding is not coloured all the way through, it can be scratched or dented with glaring results.

"Aluminum siding has really fallen from grace," Bachus says. "You've often got a very large walled surface in a climate that does possibly, from time to time, see hail storms. And that can leave an aluminum-sided home in a pretty ugly state."

Pros and cons of siding
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