Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

Cape Cod style

Images courtesy of Cheryll Gillespie.

If you have never visited the Cape you should put it on your 'Must travel to' list. I just returned from my first visit to the historic Cape Cod area and not only did I bring home a better understanding of North American history, but I also filled my suitcase with fabulous treasures and my notebook with a plethora of decorating ideas.

The Cape has traditionally been a haven for all things creative from salty sea side villages, beautiful beaches, creative folks and fabulous shopping,. Artists, poets, performers, writers and those with a passion for the arts have always been drawn to this area. Perhaps it's the light or the freedom of expression this area has always been infamous for or simply the appreciation that the community shows for artistic endeavors. If you are looking for inspiration, great art and unique pieces then you will love this part of America.

The Cape is about easy living colours: seaside blues, sunny yellows, sunset corals and plums and sandy creams. This is unarguably a relaxing and identifiable Cape Cod palette. A palette that can be easily brought back to any home in North America.

Coastal dreams don't have to end at the airport - you can live with seaside elegance and style all year long. Cape Cod style isn't necessarily casual, as it can also be modern and elegant. Pull out the photos of your last seaside vacation or surf the net to find inspiration for a colour palette. The sand, the water, the rocks, the sky and even the seagulls are all sources of inspiration when it comes to selecting your palette. It generally takes 5-7 colours to complete a palette so you have opportunity to bring a lot of colour into your rooms. Walls, upholstery, flooring, trim, and accessories are all opportunities to add colour.

The secret to Cape Cod styling is in the white trim. If you are aspiring to design your home with a touch of the Cape, then the interior and exterior of your home should be trimmed with white. This is the element that keeps the space crisp and fresh. Fall is the perfect season to give your rooms and the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint. The temperature is perfectly suited to properly curing paint and it's comfortable to work in. Inside the home we can open the windows to avoid fumes.

Inside you can also consider painting or white washing your furniture. If you are tired of dark, heavy woods, consider painting the wooden pieces with white or ivory paint. Dark wooden or plastic curtain rods can also be painted. Painted furniture is a staple in seaside retreats. Looking to update a tired kitchen - paint the cabinetry. Block sections with several different Cape Cod colours or adhere to the white wash formula throughout. Replace standard pulls with metal seashell or nautical pulls to really tie the look together. Windows are framed with drapery panels to direct the eye towards a brilliant vista. Louvered shutters also work well in this style of room.

On your floors, the best options for this look are light coloured hardwoods, with a natural and distressed look to them, lots of area rugs and patterned Saxony's in the bedrooms.

Toss is a few nautical accessories such as framed antique maps and seascape paintings. On your table tops add lots of candles and seashells. Not too much so that the rooms appear contrived but rather just a few to bring the Cape home.

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