Thursday, Sep 27, 2012

Quick And Easy Home Decorating On A Budget

Home decorating and design is simple, right? Just hire a couple of professionals and allow them to do everything for you. They can choose the room layout, furniture, window treatments, wall décor and lighting while you watch your savings account dwindle.

Is there an easier, more affordable way to give your home the look you always envisioned?

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Past imperfect

Grandma used to say that it was our flaws that gave us character. Growing up, I just thought that she was trying to make us feel better about our mousy brown hair or our freckles, but today I totally get it and, yes, Grandma you were right – it is often the flaws in something that make it more appealing.

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From the style pages

Talking about decor with Cobi Ladner is a bit like experiencing the first warm day of spring. When the rest of the design world is a forecast of neutrals and monotones, Ladner’s ideas bloom like a colourful tulip peeking through the grass.

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Your space, by design

Karim Rashid is everywhere, though you probably don't even know it. He's in your garbage can and vacuum cleaner, in your soap and perfume bottles. Considered the king of modern industrial design, the Canadian designer remains unknown to the general public and somewhat ignored by the industry back home.

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What do you think is a reasonable price for a kitchen renovation?
$10, 000
$25, 000
$50, 000
$100, 000